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Blockchain Voting

ระบบ e-Voting ผ่านบล็อกเชนรายแรกและรายเดียว

ที่ผ่านและออกจาก ETDA Digital Service Sandbox

The first-ever providing identity voting

Our solution can help your organization streamline and optimize key processes of general meetings, such as voting, resulting in a more secure, transparent, and efficient AGM

Proving identity voting

Vote anytime, anywhere

Immutable by blockchain

Hands-on support

Team ready to assist both organizer and voter both offline and online


No paperwork and reduce the use of related paper works


Can vote from anywhere in the world, and also be notified of the voting results immediately from our SMART CONTRACT

Why Blockchain Voting

Conduct remote voting without reputational or legal risks.

Hassle-free with a maximum security voting system.


Can verify the identity of the voter and make a vote that can be checked at any time.


Every single vote will be safely stored, and when the agenda is closed, the voting results cannot be changed


Every vote will be processed and run through our SMART  CONTRACT which does not require anything to look after


Standard & Commitment


Digital Service Sandbox  

Participation in the ETDA Digital Service Sandbox since 2021 emphasizes our commitment to offering digital solutions that are secure, reliable, and compliant with regulatory standards.


Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

Assuring accuracy and integrity of our voting results, endorsed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).


ISO 27001 Certification

We pride ourselves on achieving the ISO 27001 certification, a testament to our commitment to robust data security and resilience against cyber threats.


Our Customers



Service Package

  • Online voting system

  • Mobile voting app service (Unlimited users)

  • Voting result and declaration (SET Format)

  • Helpdesk support 

Online Voting Package

Hybrid Voting Package

  • Online voting system

  • Mobile voting app service (Unlimited users)

  • Voting result and declaration (SET Format)

  • Helpdesk support 


Additional :

  • Offline voting services

  • Voting slips and scanner

  • Registrar onsite service

Full-Service Package

Online and offline voting system (Unlimited users)

  • Voting slips and scanner

  • Mobile voting app service

  • Voting result and declaration (SET Format)

  • Helpdesk support

  • Registrar onsite service


Live streaming system

  • 2 x Camera

  • Switcher

  • Lighting system

  • 2 x Wireless microphone

  • Laptop computer

  • 5G router

  • 4 x Staff


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