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The Enterprise Tracking Solution

Our Enterprise Tracking Solution enhances productivity, transparency, and efficiency across your organization. Say goodbye to outdated paperwork and welcome a new era of streamlined operations and improved performance management.

We know your pain points
  • Lack of awareness of assigned tasks for the day

  • Supervisors cannot easily access subordinates' task list

  • Achievements may go unnoticed and unacknowledged

  • Limited self-assessment and personal development opportunities

  • Difficulties in analyzing behaviors and measuring employee performance on a daily basis

  • Lack of Live Tracking system

  • Inability to reimburse employees based on actual travel expenses

  • Difficulty in managing both permanent and outsourced employees for transportation

  • Uncertainty about the actual work progress of employees


  • No time-in records upon work arrival

  • Traditional time logging with paperwork, making data analysis cumbersome

  • Time conversion from paper to digital causes delays and outdated information

  • Data discrepancies and duplicates affect overtime payment accuracy

  • Time fraud and unreliable work attendance records

  • Inability to log time when outside the premises or WFH (Work From Home)

  • Outdated regulations restrict clocking-in to the office only

  • Desire to reduce maintenance costs for fingerprint scanners and card readers

Products Features



Mobile App

  • Clock In/ Clock Out

  • Geofencing

  • Face Verification

  • QR Code

  • Work Schedules

  • Attendance History


Back Office

  • Daily Report & Dashboard

  • Offices/Employees/User/Schedules Management

  • Attendance Report

  • Sync with Existing HR System


Mobile App

  • Location Tracking


Back Office

  • Dashboard

  • Live Tracking

  • Mileage Report


Mobile App

  • Daily Task (Standard & Ad-Hoc)

  • Check In/Check Out

  • Report Task Result

  • Notifications

  • In-App Webview


Back Office

  • Dashboard

  • Customer/Task Management

  • Optimize Route Planning

  • Task Report

  • Work Notification Center

  • Sync with Existing System

Your Operations with A Enterprise Tracking Solution 
  • Real-time location updates for employees

  • Efficiently assign employees to nearby locations

  • Faster customer service with optimized routes

  • Track and analyze employee performance

  • Cut costs on fuel and paperwork

  • Constant visibility into employee activities

  • Enhanced productivity with fewer resources

  • Plan multi-stop routes seamlessly in minutes

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