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Enterprise Engagement Management Platform
Enable authentic decentralized experience for the customer ecosystem.

Creative Engagement Platform

Customer Loyalty Platform

Events & Concerts Platform

Employee Engagement Platform

Education Ecosystem Platform

Key Features
Experience Management
  • Point, Utility Token

  • Banner & Announcement

  • Coupon and Privilege

  • Customer Segment & eKYC Module

Web3 consists of blockchain technologies with no intermediaries and is decentralized.

Any form of tokens that cannot be accurately valued. Every NFT is unique has their own digital signature and cannot be replaced.

Business NFTs
  • Certificate Module

  • Ticket Module

  • NFT Privilege

  • NFT collectible Module

  • Community Space

Engagement Campaign

Built on existing blockchain to facilitate transactions or as a point system.

  • Rewards and Airdrop Module

  • Gamification Module

Level Up Your App With Web3

We create the seamless and most convenient experience to your customers




Loyalty System 



Credit card / 

Fiat wallet 



Closed-loop Tokens 

Crypto wallet

Join Logo-13.png

Join Solution

  • Give customers a sense of ownership.

  • Tradable and exchangeable

  • Earn privilege just by holding the coupon

  • Automated reward for engagement

  • Secured and cannot be lost

  • Tokens are tradeable and exchangeable.

  • Flexibility to start other web3 services.

  • Can bring other activities in such as token farming, mining, staking .etc.

  • Airdrop is possible for token holders through a wallet address.

  • Instantaneous

Why Join Solution
  • Customer Engagement FocusedTrust-less benefits

  • Community-Built

  • Report and Dashboard

  • Data Collection

  •  A Ready-to-Use Tool

Success Stories

Loyalty program
by Suki Teenoi

Create a community for Suki Teenoi by implementing a loyalty program inside LINE OA. Gain points from eating with Suki Teenoi along with lucky draws to earn exclusive rewards, all while climbing the Suki Teenoi leaderboard.

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